An individual’s care needs may be reduced at night-time but don’t disappear. For that reason, some people need an overnight carer to ensure they are safe and have all their needs met.

Types Of Overnight Care

There are two types of overnight care, ‘sleep ins’ and ‘wake ins’ – these are self-explanatory and are also sometimes called sleeping or waking cares. With one type of care, the carer will sleep through the night and are there more for reassurance or emergencies. Carers working on a wake in basis won’t go to sleep. This may be because your loved one needs supervision or assistance right through the night.

A sleep-in carer will usually need their own room to stay in and access to bathroom facilities (a bathroom for their exclusive use isn’t necessary but a bedroom is).

Sleep In Care Service

There are a couple of reasons your loved one may need the services of a sleep-in carer.

Sometimes, older people especially, find it difficult to settle at night, especially when they are on their own. They may also struggle to remember the routine – e.g., change into nightclothes, have supper, ensure the house is secured, go to bed.

A sleep-in carer can ensure your relative has a good nightly routine as well as provide a comforting presence should your relative wake up or need assistance during the night. A sleep-in carer won’t be awake the entire night but should be provided with a room close to your relatives so they can be available quickly should they be needed.

Sometimes, little to no help is needed through the night but other clients may need help navigating their way to the bathroom, getting a drink etc.

Many families find it comforting for themselves and their relative just to know someone else is in the house on standby.

overnight care

Wake In Care Service

A wake in care service is usually needed for loved ones with more intense needs or needing a little bit more supervision through the night.

This could be due to age-related illness, such as Alzheimer s – for example, a client may be at risk of wandering or falling very easily. This makes it difficult for them to be left alone at night and too risky. A wake in carer will be alert the entire time they are at your relative’s house. They will help your relative with their bedtime routine, ensure they are settled and then, depending on needs, provide close supervision or perform domestic work throughout the night so that they are still alert and aware of what is happening.

Wake in carers are also helpful for people recovering from illness or surgery and may be used as a temporary measure. You or your relative may need, for example, regular medication throughout the night, feeding or dressing changes.

When Should You Get An Overnight Carer?

Getting an overnight carer is a big decision but one that could potentially solve a lot of issues.

Even with the best intentions, it is difficult for relatives to provide overnight care if they have jobs or children to look after. Trying to do this can result in inconsistent care, exhaustion, and frustration.

An overnight care service means families are relieved from night-time duties and loved ones receive a consistent routine.

Times to consider getting an overnight carer might be if your relative has had a recent surgery or is recovering from illness. Or, if your loved one has Dementia, care needs may increase as the disease progresses, meaning night-time care is needed.

Here are some ways a night carer can help your relative:

  • Prompting with medications or providing them
  • Providing comfort and peace of mind
  • Safety and security checks
  • Assisting with the bathroom
  • Helping with a night-time routine
  • Domestic work carried out whilst relative is sleeping
  • Helping with changing position in bed, or turning
  • More complex medical care with assistance from our nursing team

As every person is unique and their needs are different, care plans are specifically tailored and agreed upon beforehand.

Overnight Care Service Preston

Red Rose Care provide a variety of care services across Preston, including wake in and sleep in care services.

Our nurse-led team are available to be on hand throughout the night for your loved one to provide care, comfort, and peace of mind.

Please get in touch to discuss your family’s needs.