Home carers provide flexible care to individuals who remain at home for varying periods of time. They help out with daily housekeeping chores and providing support to assist with personal tasks such as independent living and meal preparation.

Finding out what good home care looks like can help you make informed decisions about the company you choose to provide care services to you or a loved one. And if you’re already using a service, it can determine if you’re receiving what you need from them.

We expect all care providers to be comforting, patient, and empathetic with clients but this is sadly not the case. But here at Red Rose Care, we train each and every one of our care givers to make sure they can provide the best and highest quality of care possible.

In this Red Rose Care blog, we’ll tell you what you should be expecting from a home carer.

What Should I Expect From a Home Carer?

The duties of home carers can be daily visits to check that their client is well or they can be live-in care. What determines this is the circumstances of the client. Clients with slight trouble have different requirements to those who have severe mobility issues.

Similarly, those with complex circumstances, like suffering from dementia, also have a different set of requirements.

When we list things to be expected from home carers, this doesn’t specifically apply to one type of case. These are things that should always be present in home care, no matter what circumstances the client is being treated under.

So here’s things you should expect from a home carer:

1.     Safety

You should expect a home carer to provide their clients with feelings of security and safety but in a way that is not suffocating.

Clients of carers should be able to feel safe whilst still being independent and having freedom to do as much as they want to do regardless of their situation. They are respected by the care provider, and their human rights are protected by both the care provider and the care company the carer is employed at.

Red Rose Care has trained, compassionate staff to make sure that each individual receiving care has a reliable service and patient carers. Trained staff have the right set of skills to make sure that individuals not only feel safe but actually are.

2.     Efficiency

When you’re searching for the right person to provide care for your loved one, it can be difficult to find a person who meets every requirement you have. Or perhaps you like them on paper but in person, they don’t actually provide what you need.

At Red Rose Care, each of our staff is trained to each specific circumstance. So if you’re elderly loved one has complex care requirements due to an illness like dementia, Red Rose Care has care providers that are trained and know how best to care for them.

These carers will be chosen specifically because they can provide your loved one with the right care based on their knowledge, training, and skills.

However, it is your choice at the end of the day and no one else’s. So if you don’t think the care giver is the right match for you, you don’t have to accept the proposal. A great care provider will never take offense to this, they understand the difficulty of the situation and that even if they’re highly qualified, you personally have to feel good about the match.

3.     Caring

Carers will know everything they need to know about their client. Their background, their needs, their wants, and maybe even just things they’ve done or would still like to do. This information includes any needs determined by age, gender identity, disability, race, religion, and sexuality.

Our care providers are all incredibly compassionate, as we’ve already mentioned. They create an environment that is safe and comfortable so that your loved one can feel encouraged to speak the truth and express their views.

Your loved one will be treated with dignity and respect, which is the bare minimum to expect from every care provider out there. These basic characteristics should be present in every carer so if you’re not receiving these, perhaps you should change companies.

As our home carers have time to develop relationships with clients, a very trusting and caring relationship is created.

4.     Responsive

The care, treatment, and support of clients is written out in a plan that tells you exactly what home carers need to do to make sure that kind of personalised care is being given.

Where appropriate, you and other family members or friends of your loved one should be involved in this plan. A home care company will give you the choice about who is providing the loved one with personal care such as dressing and washing.

And this plan can be altered depending upon changing preferences or other commitments. You should always expect a home carer to listen to your concerns and respond to them well. They will always be responsive to your opinions, so if you want to change something about the care being provided they will accept that and adapt.

Red Rose Care: Our Team

Our nurse team members receive an induction as well as ongoing training in order to provide the highest standard of care to clients. And they also undergo specialist training to provide support for more complex care cases.

So not only do they provide exceptional care, but they also provide companionship – something our clients value. Our team of nurses are more than happy to have a tea and a chat.

Additionally, our office staff are always available to answer any questions and worries you have.

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