Though care work can be a greatly challenging profession, it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Looking after vulnerable people is such an important role in health and social care, boosting their quality of life whilst dealing with their illness or disability.

A role as pivotal as this requires a special kind of person.

In this Red Rose Care blog, we’ll explore the best qualities to look for in a home carer.

Why Is Home Care Important?

Home care enables people in need to remain independent and in a place of comfort for as long as possible. Being able to stay in their preferred environment provides them with the security and familiarity they might need to stay calm and safe.

Providing care at home also means that care can be tailored to suit each and every individual with their unique circumstances. Personalised care plans can be created so that help is there when required, but a person can remain independent if they wish.

For some people, being surrounded by family is comforting and familiar. So having care at home has a bigger chance for family members to get involved in providing care, allowing their loved ones to feel safe.

Qualities to Look For in a Home Carer

At Red Rose Care, each one of our team members has been hand-picked for their compassion, experience, and commitment. They can efficiently deliver high-quality, person-centred care which is why you can always trust them to take care of your loved one.

These are some of their qualities which makes them so exceptional at their job.


Many in the care community don’t just see care as a job. And our Red Rose Carers feel similar, too.

Caring for others is like a second-nature to them and they have the ability to perform well even when under immense pressure. They are the people that friends and family members look to in times of need.

Having dedication and commitment to the role they have means that they will always strive to do better, to improve in the care services they provide to people. It shows a real passion for their job and passionate carers are capable of making a difference to someone’s life.


Possibly one of the most important qualities a person in the care industry could have.

Some of the people requiring help may often have health issues. Neurological conditions such as dementia or Parkinson’s disease, for example, are more complex cases.

Living with a neurological condition or physical illness can be stressful. And aging can be confusing. In these instances, it’s incredibly vital that a carer can be empathetic towards their client.

They may lash out or be overwhelmed sometimes at all the changes happening, not just to them but around them. So a carer needs to come from a point of understanding and gentleness in order to help them through it.


There will undoubtedly be many types of cases when you work as a care provider.

Clients may need help with personal activities such as using the toilet, period care, and bathing. A great carer will be practical in helping them with these activities whilst never making them feel embarrassed.

Dealing with bodily fluids and situations is just one aspect of the job, but it’s important. People are entrusting you to take care of their loved one, helping them do all of the things they can no longer do independently. And no matter how you feel, they will have thoughts of embarrassment or shame.

Therefore, these activities should be dealt with practically and with sensitivity – making them feel comfortable rather than ashamed.


All of our carers at Red Rose Care are experienced, we’ve mentioned that. But when we say experienced, we don’t just mean qualifications on a piece of paper.

We mean training. Different cases require different types of care. Dementia care and occasional care, for example, are two completely separate cases with separate requirements. So it’s important that the care provider we send out is fully trained and experienced enough to give the best help possible.

Red Rose Care: Our Team

Our nurse team members receive induction and ongoing training so that they can provide the highest standard of care to clients. And when required, they also undergo specialist training to provide support for the more complex care cases.

The team here at Red Rose Care have all the qualities a home carer should have.

So not only do they provide excellent care, but they also provide companionship that is valued by our clients. Our team of nurses are more than happy to have a tea and a chat.

Not just that, but our office staff are always available to answer questions and worries you have.

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