Caring for someone no matter where they’re located is an extremely important job.

Ensuring that vulnerable people are supported in their daily activities whilst helping them maintain as much independence as they want.

It’s an extremely rewarding industry to work in. Helping to improve the living standards and lifestyle of people on a daily basis. Making them as comfortable as possible, empowering them to still feel independent in some aspects of their life.

Hundreds of people around the world require some sort of care. No matter what stereotypes exist, it’s not always elderly people receiving care, either.

What Is A Home Carer?

Home carers provide flexible work at home to those who are vulnerable and need that bit of extra support.

It can vary between intense care – caring for someone 24/7, helping them with tasks they struggle with – or more occasional care. Sometimes if the vulnerable person has family helping, then home care may just be weekly visits.

Why Home Care Is Important

Enabling vulnerable people to stay in an environment that is familiar and safe to them would be very beneficial to their mental health.

It would be less stressful to stay in a comfortable space that they prefer. Plus, it enables them to live independently for longer.

Home Carers

For many people that work in the care industry, it can feel rewarding. Cheerful, too.

Not because these people are vulnerable but because providing care to clients is a very uplifting action. Often, home carers are the only person a client sees during the day. Not only does that provide the client with companionship, but this carer is, in some way, their link to the outside. Even more so if they cannot leave the house.

On a typical working day, carers may have either an early start or late finish to their day, or both. But one thing they know is, at the end of the day, they’ve helped that client feel more independent and less lonely.

Qualities In A Home Carer

Home care is a very person-centred based career. Not everyone requires the same care or treatment. What works for one client doesn’t necessarily work for all clients. So adaptability is an important part of a carer’s role.

Different clients will have different needs so a support worker would need to be mindful of that, treating every job differently. Suiting themselves to each client.

Different demographics, backgrounds, life experience, and medical conditions. Each client is different. So it’s essential that our home carers are relatable. (And tailored to each service they’re providing.)

Now, we’re not saying they have to have personally lived each experience that a client has, just that they can relate to it. Someone who can see both sides of a situation rather than having a one-track focus.

We mentioned previously that sometimes, the carer is the only person a client may see for the entire day. So all of our team members here at Red Rose Care are compassionate. They can provide emotional support to clients who desperately need it.

Our workers provide clients with the companionship they need in order to feel anything but lonely. It’s impossible to teach compassion and empathy, it’s something that either comes naturally or doesn’t. That’s what makes our workers extra special. They’re all compassionate and supportive.

Communication is important. For conversations with the client as well as sensitive conversations with other people; family members, other support workers, or healthcare professionals. Making sure that each person is always informed on what they need to know is really crucial to having up-to-date records.

Being a good listener is what makes carers different. It’s easy to learn a lot from clients, their stories, jokes, their journeys, by just listening. Sometimes they want people to talk to, but mostly they also want people to listen. There’s so much variety and laughter and jokes.

Working as a home carer is truly a rewarding job. Getting to meet so many people who have been through completely different walks of life. Allowing them to feel safe, heard, and independent can be the confidence boost they really need in their position.

A little compassion goes a long way.

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