Home help is supportive care that’s provided to the patient in their own home as opposed to a clinic or care home. It is also known as social care or in-home care and is provided by professional caregivers.

Home help is for those that may require extra assistance for a variety of things in the home. It is a desirable solution for anyone that needs extra help but wants to keep their independence.

Who Is Home Help For?

Contrary to stereotypical beliefs, home help is not just for the elderly. It can be given to somebody as young as 18 years old. Whether you’re in your seventies with Parkinson’s and need help with personal care, or in your twenties, home care could be an ideal solution for you.

It’s not just for people who need practical help with washing or dressing. You can still receive home help even if all you need is an extra hand with shopping or meal prepping.

Help at home isn’t just for those living alone, either. It can be offered to couple households, too.

What Kind Of Home Help Support Is Available?

Home care can be very short 30 minute visits or it can be longer, more permanent stays. These fall into separate categories of home help:

  1. Visiting Care

  2. Live-in Care

Visiting care may be multiple appointments per week where the carer stops by and helps you with household tasks such as cleaning, shopping, and laundry.

Live-in care is when a carer lives in your home with you to provide more personal care like mobility support and overnight support. Live-in care is a great option for those that regularly need extra care and support.

Importantly, in-home care is flexible and adaptable to you. So if you need quick visits one week but regular care the next, home help will provide that.

When Is Getting Help A Good Idea? Why?

It’s always a good idea to get help after a major event such as birth, bereavement, and illness. Getting help when you find yourself struggling is important.

It can be difficult coming to terms with loss, finding your footing after leaving hospital or living with an illness. Therefore, home help is designed for you. If you just need company or a listening ear, that’s okay, too.

Why Is Getting Help A Good Idea?

Having a home helper to take care of everyday tasks can make life easier. For a lot of us, home is our comfort place. It’s where we relax, it’s where we feel safe. So when you’re at home and struggling, it can be a bit daunting. It can give you the independence you need to stay at home or get back into a routine.

Having a home helper can also allow the person receiving care to keep up their hobby. Though dedicated and caring, care home staff don’t always have the time to give in-depth one-to-one quality care that an in-home carer could provide.

Our team of carers are all kind and caring individuals who will treat your loved one with compassion and care. They will be there to provide companionship and give your loved one a friend that they can talk with.

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