For people living with dementia, daily tasks can become difficult. As the illness progresses, a person living with dementia can start to lose neurological function that can make living alone almost impossible.

Here at Red Rose Care, we understand how hard it is to care for a loved one with any illness. We want to make sure you and are loved one get the best care possible so your loved one can feel safe and you can rest easy knowing they are getting the best possible care.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is an illness that affects the brain and its neurological functions. Dementia illnesses usually occur in the elderly but can affect younger people in rare cases. There are actually over 200 types of dementia but the five most common are: Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, frontotemporal dementia and mixed dementia. Mixed dementia is when a person suffers from more than one type of dementia.

Living with dementia can be incredibly tough. People with dementia can change dramatically and sometimes lose control over their behaviour and emotions. They may not act like they used to or enjoy the same things.

They may not want to socialise in the same way and lose interest in maintaining relationships with people. They may seem different and say things they wouldn’t normally say. Sometimes people living with dementia can lose things such as their empathy and may seem colder and more aloof.

In some cases, people living with dementia can sometimes hear or see things that others can not. This can be incredibly upsetting and stressful for the patient and their loved ones.

People with dementia often lose their memories. They may not fully understand where they are or what is happening. They may not understand that they have dementia.

As dementia affects a persons brain and functions, they may not be able to care for themselves in the same way they did before. They will require a lot of care from friends and family and this will take a lot of time and attention.

Sadly, dementia gets progressively worse as time goes on and as they get older, your loved ones will not be able to care for themselves. If this happens then you may need to look into getting care help for your loved one.

Someone living with dementia holding hands with a carer

How Do You Care For Dementia?

When a person has dementia it can become increasingly difficult to care for someone, especially as their illness progresses. You may be able to care for them at first, but as they get worse they will need more advanced care.

Eventually, basic tasks, such as taking medication or using a stairlift to reach the bathroom become too difficult for an individual living alone. Unfortunately, looking after a loved one full time is not always possible, especially if you have other commitments, such as children or work. Thankfully, that’s where professional dementia care comes in.

If this is the case you may be wondering if they would be better in a care home or with home care. Home care is a great way to provide excellent care for a loved one. By caring for them in their own home they can keep a certain level of independence whilst being cared for.

If your loved one suffers from dementia, they can become easily confused and unsure, especially in unfamiliar environments. By caring for them at home, they still have that familiarity of their home to comfort them.

You can arrange for care to be there for your loved one throughout the night and arrange for them to have overnight care as well. Your loved one will have their care undivided attention so that they feel safe and comfortable at all times and you can relax knowing they are being cared for.

Someone living with dementia holding a stress ball

Should I Use Red Rose Care?

At Red Rose Care, we provide the highest quality of care for your loved ones. We provide bespoke packages that are specially tailored for you and your loved one’s needs.

Our team are fully trained to treat those living with dementia and are kept up to date with all the latest techniques and methods used to make sure your loved one is treated well.

We also cover other types of care such including overnight stays, live-in care and palliative care to your loved one is cared for however long they need.

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