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What Are Wellbeing and Mindfulness?

Wellbeing and Mindfulness generally refer to our mental health. It’s a term used for making sure our general mental state is ok and isn’t restricted to people suffering from a mental illness.

We should all practice wellbeing and mindfulness. It helps us keep on top of things and can be great for managing the usual stress and worry we face in day to day life.

You don’t have to do anything drastic to manage your wellbeing and mindfulness, just take some time out of the day or in the week to do something relaxing.

A lot of people enjoy simple relaxing activities like colouring in or doing a puzzle to help them relax and unwind.

The most common and probably most affect way of relaxing for wellbeing and mindfulness is to talk to another person. You can discuss anything that is worrying you and just enjoy the company of someone else. It helps break up the day and makes us happy.


How Does It Affect The Elderly?

A lot of elderly people live alone. When you live alone it is very easy to fall into a routine and sometimes this monotony can be tough to get out of and can take a toll on our mental health.

On top of living alone, many older people can leave the house on their own and as a result, they will struggle to meet up with friends and can become lonely and isolated.

This is especially true if their only family is very busy or lives far away and can’t always visit meaning the older person is alone almost all of the time. This has become more and more of a problem over the past year as the pandemic has made it almost impossible for older people to receive visitors.

Luckily now we have devices and software such as zoom to help us keep in touch during these difficult periods but it doesn’t have the same success as real-life companionship.

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Why Is Companionship Important For The Elderly?

If you are worried that your loved one is lonely then Red Rose Care can help. We have several packages to help care for your loved one including one for companionship.

Companionship is incredibly important for the elderly. It helps with maintaining good mental wellbeing for the older person as well as having other benefits like:

Companionship Reduces Medical Problems

If left alone for too long, medical problems can go unnoticed and eventually develop into more serious issues. Having someone there to make regular visits can help catch these problems early and ensure your loved one gets the medical help they need.

It Prevents Anxiety and Depression

Companionship can help prevent and fight anxiety and depression. Loneliness can be a major issue that affects mental health problems like loneliness and depression. It’s so important that everyone has someone that they can talk to. Providing companionship to the elderly can be a greatly needed lifeline to some people. They can chat, relax and feel like they aren’t alone.

It Helps Give The Elderly Person Something to Look Forward To

Knowing that they are going to see someone gives the person something to look forward to and prepare for. It’s a great way to break the days up and help remove some of the monotony and fatigue that comes with retirement.

It Is Good For The Mind

Regular interaction with another human can help sharpen the mind and keep cognitive function on point. Keeping the mind stimulated through regular conversation and activity can help prevent neurological diseases such as dementia in some cases.

Companionship Can Help Prevent Serious Illnesses

Sometimes loneliness not only affects the mind but can also start to have a serious impact on the body as well. The loneliness and stress of living alone can cause an increase in heart disease in some people. Having a companion to come and alleviate some of this stress can work wonders for a person.

It Can Promote Good Habits

Having a visitor can help promote good habits. When someone lives alone they don’t always take the best care of themselves. They can forget to tidy up and let chores build up until it becomes overwhelming. Knowing that they have a guest to entertain can be a great motivator to keep the house clean and ensure they always have essentials in.

It Helps Give Peace Of Mind

Having someone there for your loved one can provide peace of mind. Both for you and your loved one. It can be beneficial for an elderly person to know they have someone who will come and check on them and will put them at ease if they worry about falling or becoming ill.


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