As we get older more and more things start to take up our time. We become wrapped up in our work, we start families and have to manage our time more. Sadly, when this happens, mums and dads are often the ones to take a back seat so you can prioritise your career and family.

We know you would love to spend more time with your parents but that’s not always possible. If our elderly parents don’t live nearby and don’t travel well, it can be even more challenging to see them on a regular basis. It is can be stressful and costly to travel far and find family accommodation.

Why Is It Important To Be With People?

In recent times it has become a lot easier to stay in touch with people. Technology such as Facebook, Zoom and Skype has meant we can talk to each other without being in the same room. Unfortunately, these alternatives don’t have the same effect as being in the same room as a person physically.

Being with someone in person can make such a difference. Seeing each other over a screen can feel cold and distant. When we meet over a screen we miss out on little things, visual cues and a warming body language that makes a simple conversation feel like so much more.

The Benefits of Companionship?

What are the benefits of providing companionship for the elderly? Loneliness can have devastating effects on the elderly and can lead to serious health problems. Providing people with companionship, even if it’s just for an hour a day, can help extend their life.

Companionship Reduces Medical Problems

If left alone for too long, medical problems can go unnoticed and eventually develop into more serious issues. Having someone there to make regular visits can help catch these problems early and ensure your loved one gets the medical help they need.

It Prevents Anxiety and Depression

Companionship can help prevent and fight anxiety and depression. Loneliness can be a major issue that affects mental health problems like loneliness and depression. It’s so important that everyone has someone that they can talk to. Providing companionship to the elderly can be a greatly needed lifeline to some people. They can chat, relax and feel like they aren’t alone.

It Helps Give The Elderly Person Something to Look Forward To

Knowing that they are going to see someone gives the person something to look forward to and prepare for. It’s a great way to break the days up and help remove some of the monotony and fatigue that comes with retirement.

It Is Good For The Mind

Regular interaction with another human can help sharpen the mind and keep cognitive function on point. Keeping the mind stimulated through regular conversation and activity can help prevent neurological diseases such as dementia in some cases.

Companionship Can Help Prevent Serious Illnesses

Sometimes loneliness not only affects the mind but can also start to have a serious impact on the body as well. The loneliness and stress of living alone can cause an increase in heart disease in some people. Having a companion to come and alleviate some of this stress can work wonders for a person.

It Can Promote Good Habits

Having a visitor can help promote good habits. When someone lives alone they don’t always take the best care of themselves. They can forget to tidy up and let chores build up until it becomes overwhelming. Knowing that they have a guest to entertain can be a great motivator to keep the house clean and ensure they always have essentials in.

Someone is there to make sure they eating healthy and making sure they get enough exercise, even if it is just a short walk.

lady being cared for at home

It Helps Give Peace Of Mind

Having someone there for your loved one can provide peace of mind. Both for you and your loved one. It can be beneficial for an elderly person to know they have someone who will come and check on them and will put them at ease if they worry about falling or becoming ill.

It can also be great for you to know that your parent is being looked after and they have someone to help them when you can’t be there.

What Can I Do To Provide Companionship When I’m Not Available?

We understand that you want to care for your parents as best you can but it’s not always possible for you to be there for them. With Red Rose Care, we can provide the companionship and care your loved ones need and deserve.

Professional home care is a perfect way to ensure your loved ones are receiving top-quality care and companionship. Here at Red Rose Care, we have a variety of different services depending on what you need.

Our packages can be adapted and changed to fit you and your loved one’s needs. We understand that finding personal care for a loved one can be a difficult task.

For further advice please give us a call on 017772 963 740 where a friendly member of the team will take the time to understand your family’s needs.