If you’re looking for home care company with excellent quality standards, a person-centric service, and bags of compassion then you’re in the right place.

Red Rose Care based in Preston have five specific values that are at the heart of everything we do. from our care team out there looking after your family members, to our team back at the office, we are all in this to make a difference to people’s lives.

Here are our values and why we think they’re important.

Red Rose Home Care Values

Having values is important. Our core care values are what support our vision, reflect what we are about, and what we know is most important to the people we care for. These values have shaped the culture here at Red Rose Care and our home care team always reflect that.


High-Quality Care

It should be a given that a home care company values high-quality care, but we like to make things official by making this part of our values. The quality of the care we give comes before anything else. Maintaining our CQC rating is as important for the people we care for as it is for us.

Care & Compassion

More than a care company, each member of our team is empathetic with the people we look after and compassionate when it comes to the challenges some of our clients can face. Our team are not just here to care for people – they carry their jobs out with a deep understanding of each client and their needs.

Promoting Team Spirit

A happy team is a team that works well. We are motivated to always encourage our employees to feel part of a wider team, working for one cause. This harmonious approach means there is a consistency to the care we provide, across the board.


Being person-centred means we don’t just focus on a clients ‘needs’ but also their wants and how they respond individually to care. We don’t have a one size fits all approach as this simply wouldn’t work for the diverse needs of the community. Each person we care for receives a service that is personalised to them only.

Encourage Community Involvement

Red Rose Care recognise the many people in our local and wider community who are not service users but can still benefit from charitable acts. We strongly encourage our team to participate in fundraising activities and organise our events at a company level. Our community is everything to us.


Red Rose Care Preston

Red Rose Care, based in Preston, Lancashire, is a small family business focused on delivering excellent care following our special values.

We offer nurse-led, high-quality home care and have a dedicated team to provide you or your family member with safe, compassionate home care and help. Our range of services includes Personal Care, Palliative Care, Dementia Care, Domestic Assistance, Overnight Stays, Live-In Care, Complex Cases, and Companionship.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak to a friendly member of the team, either to discuss care for yourself or a loved one.