When you use a home carer or a home care assistant you are trusting that person to come into your life and take care of your loved ones. This is a huge decision and here at Red Rose Care, we understand that you need to make sure that your loved ones are being taken care of by the best person for the job.

We are confident that all of our home carers will meet your standards. All of our staff are hand-selected based on not just their skills, but how we feel about them as people. They are professionally trained to be capable of dealing with any and all of your loved one’s needs, but we find it just as important that you have a good feeling about them and feel happy to let them into your lives. That’s why we make sure all of our members of staff display all the traits that help tell if a home carer is any good.

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Respect is of the utmost importance to us here at Red Rose Care. We understand that we are being trusted with caring for your loved one and it’s our duty to do so with as much care and attention as we can manage.

Your loved one is letting us into their home, and we know just how big of a step that is for some people. Everyone should feel safe in their own home, and we promise to make your loved one feel safe and respected.



All of our home care is extremely knowledgeable in-home care and home care practices. Here at Red Rose Care, we have several packages that include caring for very specific needs such as caring for complex illnesses, dementia care and palliative care.

When caring for people with certain needs it’s important that the carer is well trained and able to deal with whatever the patient needs. All of our staff are given all the necessary training they need before they care for your loved one so you never have to worry about them getting the right care that they need.

A nurse giving a patient there medication


A home carer is someone that you and your loved one will be seeing on a regular basis and for some people, they may be seeing them every day. It’s important that your carer is someone you feel comfortable around and although they are there to do a job, they are also there to be your friend.

All of our members of staff are friendly and will do all they can so your loved one feels like they have a friend and someone they can talk to and feel happy with, not just a home care assistant


Little changes can be easy to miss, especially if you don’t see your loved one as much as you would like. A home carer is not only there to care for your loved one, but to be your eyes and ears when you aren’t there.

A home carer needs to be able to sport these little changes and be able to tell when something is bothering your loved one.

It might only be something small but spotting something early can be life-saving for an older person and your home carer needs to be observant enough to spot it.



Most importantly your home carer needs to be reliable. You are counting on your home care assistant to take care of your loved one and you need to be sure that they are right for the job.

All our staff are reliable and dependable, so you never have to worry about your loved one and there care they are receiving.

Our staff take great pride in their work and are dedicated to making sure they turn up on time ready to do the best job they can do.

You can always rely on the team here at Red Rose Care to take of your loved one and do so in a way we know you’ll be happy with.

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