When it comes to receiving care, we want our loved ones to feel secure and comfortable.

It’s often for families to choose home care support over institutional support. It may be because it’s less expensive or because they’re respecting their relatives’ wishes. This way, their relative can remain at home, in an area they’re familiar with.

As care homes can be quite hectic, and there’s quite a few residents, one-on-one time isn’t always possible. So home care can provide a relative with the one-on-one time that they need. Home care support allows the carer to spend more time with their patient, really getting to know them in order to set up the most ideal treatment plan.

But with so many home care companies out there, how do you know which one to choose? That’s why we’ve written this blog.

We’ll give you the information you need to make sure your choice is the best one.

What is an In-Home Care Service?

In-home care is provided to differently abled people. Disable people, elderly people, and those with severe medical conditions are some examples of the types of people who may require in-home care.

The primary focus of the caregiver is to pay attention to their patients’ needs and health. It’s common for most caregivers to be registered nurses, especially if the patient requires specialist help.

These services are provided to people within the comfort of their own home. Caregivers can either be contracted to do occasional visits, or to be a 24-hour in-home carer. It differs for each case depending on the needs and condition of the individual receiving care support.

How to Choose the Right Home Care Company

Once your relative starts showing signs of needing or seeking extra assistance, that may be an opportunity to start checking out home care services.

There are several choices available but we know you don’t want to just settle for the first search result. We know you want absolute care and comfort for your relative. And the home care service you choose needs to reflect that.

Here’s some things to know about choosing the right home care company for your relative.

Type of Home Care

With home care, there are different services available. You need to decide which one fits your needs the most.

For example, there’s full, 24-hour live-in care. Or if you regularly care for your relative but aren’t available to them 24/7, you can opt for an agency that will adapt around your schedule.

It’s also important to decide how much professional care is needed. Are there some tasks that don’t need a carer? Gardening, companionship, or cooking? What about technology that’s available to you?

Of course, deciding what type of home care you need is important, but so is deciding how much care your relative will actually need.

List Companies

So, you’ve decided you want home care for your relative and now you need to find the best companies for them.

Online you can find a bunch of directories where you could search for nearby providers. HousingCare, for example, has lists of home care service providers across all of the UK. This website is operated by the Elderly Accommodation Counsel national charity. It’s one of the best sources to use as agencies don’t pay to promote their services there.

Shortlist your Company List

Not every provider on your list of local home care agencies will deliver the specifics that you require. So you could make a shortlist of the companies on your list, including all the companies that can give what you’re looking for.

All domiciliary care providers should be registered with one of the UK’s care regulators. For England, it is the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The whole point of the regulators is to inspect the agencies to check that standards of quality are appropriate.

Check the history of all home care providers on your list. Reputable agencies have the right set of employees that can give you the help and support you need.

Contact the Providers on the Shortlist

Perhaps you should make arrangements to meet with the staff of the home care companies.

Make a list of questions that you want to know the answers to so you can find out what you need to know. You can also use that as an opportunity to gauge the availability of caregivers.

Here’s an example of some questions you can ask:

  • Do you check the references of your staff (before recruiting)?
  • Do you perform background checks on staff?
  • Are the specially qualified? (Dementia, etc.)
  • Can I meet potential carers beforehand?
  • How will you match suitable carers to my needs?
  • Will you draw up a plan based on my needs?

These example questions pertain to the staff and the needs of your relative. You can also ask about the company itself as well as their charges and rates.

Additionally, make sure the home care company asks questions about your relative – dietary requirements, access arrangements, care needs, medical conditions.

Choosing a Home Care Company

Always keep your relative in mind when choosing a home care company. Put their comfort and safety above everything else.

Check all these details to make sure you’re choosing the right company, and the best company, for your relative. It’ll also help you relax – knowing you’ve taken all the steps and done all the necessary research.

When it comes to home care, we provide only the best for our patients. To learn more about our services, contact us here.

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