Domestic help or assistance is different from home care as the service involves less personal care and as the name suggests, more help around the home.

Choosing to employ a domestic carer can improve quality of life for a variety of people in different situations.

Usually, a service used by elderly people and people with disabilities, domestic assistance is a key service to help keep people staying at home and living independently for longer. As we age or encounter disabilities, it may become harder to do keep on top of household tasks such as cleaning or shopping.

For people struggling with these tasks, having a little bit of help around the home can be life-changing.

What is Domestic Help / Assistance?

Domestic help is straightforward – a fully trained, professional care assistant will come to yours or your relatives’ home and help with domestic tasks.

This could be anything from washing dishes, to preparing meals and assisting with shopping. All the little jobs that need doing around a home that can soon mount up and become unmanageable if they aren’t kept on top of.

The level of assistance given will depend on your communicated needs and an agreement will be put together.

For some people, domestic assistance can just be someone coming by for a couple of hours a week to help with laundry and shopping. Others may need daily assistance – to prepare meals, for example.

The level of assistance given is completely tailored to what best helps the service user keep a level of independence and can include:

  • Helping with laundry
  • Cooking a meal or preparing food
  • Washing dishes/loading or unloading dishwashers
  • Light household chores such as vacuuming/surface cleaning
  • Fetching shopping or unpacking deliveries


Who Can Benefit From Home Help?

There are a variety of people who can benefit from domestic help, including people who may just need help in the short term.

Most in need are elderly people – even the fittest older person may struggle to keep a tidy house, cook meals, and go shopping. A tidy, safe home is essential for a person’s sense of dignity and struggling with household tasks when they become overwhelming can be a source of shame for some people. Employing a domestic assistant is an ideal solution for older people who are looking to remain in their homes but just need a little bit of help to do so.

elderly woman hands

People with disabilities can also find a domestic assistant incredibly helpful. For example, a wheelchair user may otherwise live very independently only requiring help with housework or shopping. Likewise, a blind person may be able to manage at home, only needing help with more tricky activities such as cooking meals.

As mentioned, even employing a domestic assistant in the short term can be handy. Sometimes people may have surgery or an illness which means they need a prolonged period to rest and recuperate – having an extra pair of hands around the house would certainly be useful.

Domestic assistance can also be combined with other types of home care for people who have additional needs, such as help getting dressed or showering/bathing.

Domestic Assistance Preston

If you think you could benefit from domestic assistance, or a relative could use our services, please get in touch for a chat.

We guarantee that no matter what service we provide, all forms of home help are delivered with the Red Rose Care values of a person-centred service, carried out with care and compassion.